Some of our recent vacation destinations

Here are some information summaries of some of our more recent vacation destinations

St Kitts Information

St Kitts, East Indies

St. Kitts is located in the Eastern Caribbean at 17 20 North, 62 45 West, roughly 1,200 miles from Miami, 1600 miles from New York, 4,000 miles from London and about 45 minutes by plane from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The island is 69 square miles with a population of 31,880. Basseterre is the capital.

Brimstone Hill Fortress on St Kitts

History - The Fortress, constructed intermittently between the 1690s and 1790s, is of singular importance as being the remains of a large, complete military community of the 18th century. As such, it is a veritable time capsule of international significance. The prominent Citadel is one of the earliest and finest surviving examples of a new style of fortification known as the 'polygonal system'. Brimstone Hill is nearly 800 feet high with steep and precipitous slopes which had to be tamed by the disciplines of engineering and architecture, and at the risk and probable loss of human lives. The walls of the structures are predominantly of stone, labouriously and skilfully fashioned from the hard volcanic rock of which the hill is composed. The mortar to cement the stones was produced on site from the limestone which covers much of the middle and lower slopes. The Fortress is virtually a man-made out growth of the natural hill. The physical location of the Fortress presents attractive panoramic vistas of forested mountains, cultivated fields, the historical township of Sandy Point, and neighbouring Dutch, English and French islands across the Caribbean Sea.

For more information regarding this remarkable fortress, go to Brimstone Hill.

San Quintin

San Quintin, B.C.

San Quintin is a coastal town on the west coast of the Mexican state of Baja California, in the municipio of Ensenada. San Quint? has beautiful beaches and several places for tourists to stay. Tourists can enjoy fishing, camping, bird watching, surfing, and clam digging. It is also in the middle of an important agricultural area.

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens, BC

The Butchart Gardens is a group of floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, near Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is an internationally-known tourist attraction which receives more than a million visitors each year. High class food service and entertainment complement the meticulously maintained gardens.


Seattle Sky Line

Seattle is a coastal port city and the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is located in the state of Washington between an arm of the Pacific Ocean called Puget Sound and Lake Washington, about 96 miles (154 km) south of the Canada ? United States border in King County, of which it is the county seat.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. (formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington, the District, or simply D.C.) is the capital of the United States, founded on July 16, 1790. The City of Washington used to be a separate municipality within the District of Columbia. An Act of Congress in 1871 created a single government for the entire federal territory, effectively merging the City and the District into a single entity. The city is located on the north bank of the Potomac River and is bordered by the states of Virginia to the southwest and Maryland to the other sides. The District has a resident population of 588,292; however, its population rises to over one million people during the workweek, due to commuters from the surrounding suburbs. The Washington Metropolitan Area, of which the District is a part, has a population of 5.3 million, the eighth-largest metropolitan area in the country.

Hawaii - The Big Island

Lava Fields on Hawaii

Famous for the active Kilauea volcano, Hawaii?s Big Island is home to a list of fascinating anomalies. Eleven different climate zones generate everything from lush rain forests to arid deserts, black sand beaches to snow-capped mountaintops. The Big Island is Hawaii?s biggest playground.

Kauaii - The Garden Island


From the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the vast chasms of Waimea Canyon, Kauai enchants the senses like no other island. Plunging ravines. Cascading waterfalls. Unforgettable cliffs, canyons, beaches, and bays. The Island of Discovery, begs to be discovered.

Puerto Rico

Fort San Felipe del Morro

San Juan is the capital and largest municipality in Puerto Rico. As of the 2000 census, it has a population of 433,733, making it the 42nd-largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States. San Juan was founded by Spanish colonists in 1521, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico ("Puerto Rico City"). Puerto Rico's capital is the second oldest European-established city in the Americas, after Santo Domingo, now in the Dominican Republic. Several historical buildings are located in San Juan; among the most notable are the city's former defensive forts, Fort San Felipe del Morro and Fort San Cristobal, and La Fortaleza, the oldest executive mansion in continuous use in the Americas.